Tim Cook: iPhone 7 will record higher sales

Tim Cook is very optimistic about the sales of iPhone 7, Apple focusing on the Siri artificial intelligence to increase sales.

Last night the president of Apple, Tim Cook spoke about the achievements Apple at the conference audio for the presentation of financial results for Q2 2016 and analysts took the opportunity to ask what he thinks about all the rumors say iPhone 7 sales will be reduced due lack of updates.

Responding, Tim Cook said he is very optimistic about iPhone 7 sales, and this is because despite all the negative rumors regarding future product, there are many positive information which suggests that the world will be interested in the terminal after the official launch markets overall.

Exaggerated optimism based on past

Tim Cook refused to talk about any functions that the iPhone 7 could be in the fall, but said the rate of upgrades for the iPhone 6S is similar to that recorded for the iPhone 5S, both lower than the one recorded for iPhone 6 and this is quite normal.

I do not want to talk about new phones that have not been announced. Leaving that aside, what we saw in the past to upgrade rate is the rate of upgrades for the iPhone 6S is similar to the iPhone 5S. iPhone 6 had a significantly higher rate of upgrade, and probably accelerated upgrades that had to be made one year later. What is future ready yet do not know, but I’m very optimistic about the future because I see many positive signals.

Asked about the signals that make it to be so optimistic, Tim Cook refers to basic incredibly high users of iPhone, the growing number of Android users drawn to the Apple platform, the penetration rate of smartphones which reached just 42% and a  iOS 10 that has prepared many changes.

Artificial intelligence will conquer users

Tim Cook has high expectations from the system of artificial intelligence developed by Apple, he saying that these systems will play a major role in turning the iPhone into a gadget essential without which oamnii will not be able to live, which is one of the signals positive about iPhone 7 sales.

According to Tim Cook, Apple will make an artificial intelligence system great because his company focuses on user experience, it will be great and will attract more people to the platform of Cupertino, Siri being the center of this strategy .

As the iPhone turns into a personal assistant, you will never want to leave home without it. I do this as an incredibly positive vector. What makes Apple is best to provide a great user experience that is integrated into its entire product line, and this is a major advantage over their competitors. I think the launch of artificial intelligence technology is something we excel because we focus on the user experience and I like that.

Basically, Tim Cook is based on products that Apple still has not released that will not be anything available to everyone, and even artificial intelligence Siri will be great for some, unavailability of service in many countries, will seriously affect sales to Apple.

Tim Cook’s positive signals will not necessarily transform the sales when the iPhone 7 will be released and that because people want change and to design smartphones, not just software.

CUPERTINO, CA - SEPTEMBER 09:  Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch during an Apple special event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6 and wearble tech.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

iOS 10 vs Android 7 Nougat – performance comparison

iOS 10 beta and Android 7 Nougat, two beta versions of an operating system developed by Google and Apple appear in a first comparison of performance to show us how big is the difference between them, or if there is any difference in this point of view.

iPhone 6S and Nexus 6P are terminals that iOS 10 and Android 7 Nougat installed device from Google running version pure Android, so no bloatware installed by any other manufacturer, so this is the clearest evidence of how that will run the next version of the operating system.

As you’ll see in the video below, iOS 10 beta has a slight edge over Android 7 Nougat in terms of performance, but the difference between the two operating systems is small and there are situations where Google software fails to run faster than Apple’s.

Although iOS 10 and Android 7 Nougat are available in beta at the moment, and their performances final might change until the official release, this video gives us yet able to see in advance what should be available when public versions will be available.

iOS 10 will be released in the fall of Apple and Android 7 Nougat should occur shortly prior to, but unlike iOS, the operating system of Google will not be available for all terminals Android right from launch day, but only when they will provide manufacturers to update.

The performances are a big problem for the Android platform, and the other day I said that the US military give up Samsung in favor of the iPhone because of the serious performance problems, so Google should think seriously about how to motivate partners to not stricter operating system.

Fun with Filters – the best applications for editing photos

Fun with Filters is a new section of applications published in the Apple App Store, being conceived the idea to give us the best applications from the App Store with which you can edit pictures taken using iDevice own sites.

Section available to us Apple only lists 12 titles available in the App Store site, but we are talking about the best applications for this kind of photo processing, so whatever you choose, know that you will not go wrong.

A new and updated Cydia look for iOS 9

For all those who use iOS 9, there is a new version of Cydia which gives this operating system a whole new design. It was marked as 1.1.16 and it promises to deliver new features.

Here are a few of new working apps that you may enjoy: Sources and Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9.

cydia-installerYou may think that Cydia 1.1.16 is the best form of this application, because it runs on iOS version from 2 to iOS 9, but there are still some elements that could not be updated or fixed such as Mobile Substrate, but this version is surely the most stable that Saurik and his team managed to develop. For more about this new update, take a look here (link). We’d like to offer our thanks to some people, by their names and nicknames:  Surenix, for the new tab bar icons, Ryan Petrich for general UIkit help, Kyle Matthews for UI images and Optimo for testing pretty much everything.

If you have watched the video that we’ve told you about earlier, what will you have to do is to refresh each of your Cydia sources, and after that  click on “Complete Upgrade” button in order to get the new Cydia version. What you’ll get are two packages: Cydia Installer and “UIkit Tools” but keep in mind that, as Saurik stated, this version is not fully working. Some stuff they want to repair includes the drop bar, which is desired to work like iTunes Store’s song preview bar.

After performing the install, don’t be surprised if some of the apps and the tweaks don’t work. The explanation for their failure is the fact that they can’t connect and update to the Mobile Substrate.

If you have any questions about this new Cydia version, why/why not to install it, how to install it, feel free to write us and we’ll try to come up with the best answers.

iPhone 7 – Apple expects sales weak

 Apple expects iPhone sales in July to be weak, and this is evident from the orders which the Cupertino have done so at the moment the Asian partners, it will produce fewer components this year than in past years to previous devices.

If 2015 Apple bought from Advanced Semiconductor Engineering products worth 8.73 billion dollars in 2016 orders were much smaller, and for the fall of 2016 they are as conservative, a sign that Apple does not expect to sell much big iPhone in July after the official release.

President of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering confirmed that the US came commands much smaller for products of the company he leads, and the decision of Apple is contrary to the trend of manufacturers of smartphones, they making orders increasing for products of ASE.

Given that 2016 will not bring very good sales terminals iPhone for Apple until the appearance of the iPhone in July, many people expect that in the fall for things to change, but it seems that Apple does not expect a radical increase of sales for its future smartphones.
iphone sales
The big customer in the U.S. is a little more conservative When placing orders this year. In the smartphone market, meanwhile, other players besides Apple has more aggressive regarding booking chips this year. I do not think anybody is Overly aggressive this year, so I do not think any BE Would There is a serious issue inventory correction similar to last year.

The Apple normally do this time large orders for components to be used in products that will reach the market in the fall, but behold, if the iPhone in July, things are much different, Apple trying perhaps to avoid causing a number too many terminals compared with demand.

NoCydia Hide Stock iOS Apps

iOS has an excellent pair of stock programs which are with the capacity of doing the occupation rightly. Yet there are still first-class alternatives accessible through the App Store which are superior to iOS 9 stock programs when it comes to layout and characteristics, for example Sparrow or Mailbox programs might be more suitable for some than the stock email program, Any.Do reminder program may appear more useful than the Inventory Reminders program etc.

One issue many users who select third party programs within the stock ones face is they can’t remove the stock programs icon as iOS 9.3 will not permit users to delete as well as conceal the programs which come pre-installed to the mobile operating system.
One of the ways to conceal iOS stock programs from your homescreen is via a hack made by the programmers of Rag3Hack.
Heres tips on how to conceal stock programs on iOS 9 using Rag3Hack hack.
Conceal stock iOS programs (2)
Now delegate in the Hide Programs without Jailbreak choice in the site.
You are getting the menu offering distinct programs it is possible to conceal. Simply pick the program you want and tap about it.
The web site will now attempt to set up a program or certification in your iOS apparatus, support this activity.
You will receive a notification the setup has failed, dont stress and pat Done button.
Now find the stock programs icon you wished to conceal you’ll see a word with Hide will show up on its name.
Even though the icon will evaporate it’s going to return when you reboot your iOS 9 apparatus. Which is okay since most folks dont reboot their smartphones or tablet computers that frequently plus it makes the procedure reversible.
Applying this hack it is possible to hide the icons of nearly all the stock programs of iOS. There are another useful hacks also including Disable iAds in programs and much more.